Why Players Play Certain Slots

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Slot games are popular on the online casino floors in Vegas as well as online. But what attracts gamblers to these games? We've got the scoop on the slots.

History of the Slots

Charles Fey invented the first slot machine, Liberty Bell, in 1895. The first ever reel symbols in the Liberty Bell included hearts, diamonds, spades and the cracked Liberty Bell image. Using symbols familiar to people automatically made the slot machine more appealing. Over the years, slot machines have changed, but one thing remains true: Players will still play slot machines with symbols that they are most familiar with. Many online casinos rank their most popular slots, and those that remain at the top of the list have familiar symbols such as superheroes, board games, and movie themes.

The Science Behind Slot Selection

It turns out, Charles Fey had science on his side as there is a psychological reason that players keep returning to specific online casinos realpokernews.com. Dr. Mark Griffiths, a chartered psychologist from Nottingham Trent University, noted that the slot machines that are the most popular are those that reminded players of ways to receive money. Games that remind players of receiving money include Cash Point, Action Bank, Piggy Bank, and Money Bank. The association with objects that give out money, such as a piggy bank, were familiar to the players, which is why the wanted to play them.

Slot machines are popular, and now we know why: They use symbols that make people think they are going to receive money. If you play the following poker game, you can reap great rewards. It only takes a single deposit in order to gain access to the finest gambling venues. Head over to the regle poker page for more information about such an exciting game offer.